Ethiopia Chiri Natural

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Chiri originates from the Sidama coffee growing region in the eastern part of the Sidamo zone, in Ethiopia’s Southern Oromia State, in the ‘kebele’ (local village) of Hora Ela. It is named after the ‘woreda’ (administrative division) that is located in: Chiri.

The washing station sits at 1,900m above sea level, and is privately owned by Kenan Asefa, who buys cherries from 650 local families; each cultivate small plots of land (averaging 2.5 hectares in size), located 1,800–2,200 metres above sea level.

Photos by Melbourne Coffee Merchants. 

We have the washed available now and the natural coming very soon. 
Washed - Grape and apple
Natural - Wine and berries

Filter or espresso roast. 250g.