Bolivia Carmelita Natural

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This coffee was produced by Carmela Aduviri in Copacabana, a small and remote settlement 180 kilometres from La Paz in the heart of the Caranavi province. This region is the epicentre for specialty coffee production in Bolivia, with incredibly high altitudes, rich soil, and wide daily temperature ranges providing the perfect conditions to produce exceptional coffee.

The inhabitants of Copacabana first started farming coffee around 40 years ago. Farms here are small and traditional, and almost all the work is carried out by the farm’s owners and their extended families, with just a handful of temporary workers hired to help out during harvest. All of the producers at Copacabana are Aymara, an ancient indigenous people that originally lived on the Altiplano (a vast plateau of the central Andes that stretches from southern Peru to Bolivia and into northern Chile and Argentina). The region is known for the world’s highest lake, called Titicaca. When the Aymara first moved to Caranavi, they named their ‘colony’, or settlement, Copacabana.

Natural Process. Floral, big, fruity, sweet